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A South Korean military officer stands guard as Christians prepare a lighting ceremony in front of a Christmas tree atop a military-controlled hill near the tense land border in Gimpo, west of Seoul, on December 21, 2010. South Korean marines were on guard on December 21, to protect a Christmas tree, the latest focus of tensions with North Korea following Seoul's artillery drill near the disputed sea border a day earlier.      (Kim Jae-Myung, AFP/Getty Images)

Kim Jae-Myung, AFP/Getty Images

In peninsula Coreeana intre cele doua state asiatice rivale, Coreea de Nord si de Sud, spiritul bunavointei care a pus stapanire pe intreaga lume ,acum in ajun de Craciun  nu se manifesta,ba dimpotriva,aceste tari se afla inca odata in pragul unui conflict armat, de aceasta data pe tema unei expuneri „ostentative” a instalatiilor luminoase de Craciun,in apropierea granitei, reclamata de nord-coreeni.

Asemenea unui Grinch posac, oficialitatile militare nord-coreene ameninta sa doboare un stalp metalic decorat cu peste 100.000 de becuri sclipitoare  si o cruce luminoasa in varf ,pe care Sudul l-a ridicat in portiunea proprie a granitei puternic militarizate dintre cele doua state. Turnul ornat asemenea unui brad de Craciun a fost aprins marti noaptea in cadrul unei ceremonii asistate de un cor de „Mos-Craciuni” – inconjurati de soldati inarmati – cantand „Bucurie in lume” si alte colinde.

Phenian-ul, capitala Coreei de Nord, respinge declaratiile conform carora turnul ar fi un simbol religios, considerand totul doar un spectacol al propagandei sud-coreene.

Inaltul stalp din otel intens luminat este pozitionat pe un deal suficient de inalt incat sa poate fi „admirat” de nord-coreenii care locuiesc in chinuitele localitati de granita, adesea private de  electricitate si hrana. Prin urmare, oficialii din nord ateu al peninsulei Coreene ,au avertizat ca aprinderea stalpului constituie „un act pripit si periculos”, de natura sa conduca la declansarea unui razboi.

Kim Kwan-jin, ministrul apararii al Coreei de Sud, a promis un raspuns dur impotriva oricarei initiative ostile legate de acest pom simbolic. Este prima oara din anul 2003 cand stalpul a fost iluminat , in acel an Sudul fiind  de acord sa il stinga, in incercarea de a detensiona relatiile cu Nordul.

Totusi, dupa un atac neprovocat asupra unei insule sud-coreene luna trecuta, atac care a ucis doi soldati si doi civili, administratia presedintelui Lee Myung-bak a devenit tot mai concentrata pe efortul de a demonstra ca nu este dispusa sa se lase intimidata in niciun fel de Coreea de Nord.

North Korea Threatens War Over South’s Christmas Lights

It’s the season of goodwill to all mankind, but not on the Korean peninsula. The two rival neighbors are once again threatening to go to war – this time over a gaudy display of Christmas lights.

North Korea’s Grinch-like military reportedly is threatening to shell a floodlit metal tower – decked with 100,000 light bulbs and topped with an illuminated cross – that the South has erected on its side of the heavily militarized border, according to the South’s Yonhap News Agency. The Christmas tree-shaped beacon was switched on Tuesday night at a ceremony that saw a Santa-hatted choir – surrounded by gun-toting marines – sing „Joy to the World” and other carols.

A South Korean military officer stands guard Tuesday as Christians prepare a lighting ceremony in front of a Christmas tree atop a military-controlled hill near the militarized border. The tree is the latest focus of tensions with North Korea.

„I hope that Christ’s love and peace will spread to the North Korean people,” said Lee Young-Hoon, pastor of the Seoul church that organized the ceremony, according to The Associated Press.

Pyongyang has dismissed claims that the tower is a religious symbol, saying it’s nothing more than Southern propaganda. The brightly lit steel tree sits on a peak high enough for it to be seen by North Koreans living in impoverished border towns, which frequently suffer electricity cuts and food shortages. The officially atheist North warned that lighting the tree would constitute a „dangerous, rash act” that could trigger a war, according to the AP.

Kim Kwan-jin, the South’s defense minister, promised a tough response to any anti-tree activity. „We will hand a daring punishment so as to remove the source of artillery fire” if the North attacks the tower, he told the parliament Tuesday, according to Yonhap.

The lighting ceremony went ahead without incident.

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This is the first time the tree has been illuminated since 2003, when the South agreed to shut it down – along with loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts over the border – in an attempt to ease tensions with the North. However, after the unprovoked shelling of a South Korean island last month, which killed two soldiers and two civilians, President Lee Myung-bak’s administration has become increasingly focused on proving it’s not willing to be pushed around by the North.

The South has staged a series of military exercises with the U.S. in recent weeks, and today launched a four-day naval drill in the Sea of Japan, about 60 miles from the maritime border with the North. A one-day live-fire artillery exercise is scheduled to take place Thursday at Pocheon, about 25 miles south of the demilitarized zone.


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