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5 Of The Best Combat Rifles


We all know how developed countries are investing in progress, and better yet we know that incredible amounts of money are invested in weapons (despite the talk of disarmament). Despite the incredible (and absurd) progress of military technology, the rifle is still a soldier’s best friend. This is my top 5 choices for the infantry rifle!


1 AK-47 – Soviet Union

This is the most famous rifle in the world! This 7.62 caliber (7.62×39 precisely) can fire 600 rounds per minute and I believe that Ak-47 is probably responsible for more deaths than any other weapon in the world.


5 of the best combat rifles01 5 Of The Best Combat Rifles



2 M16 – USA

This 5.56×45 baby can shoot 750-950 rounds per minute, and also has proven to be an outstanding rifle with superb accuracy, service length, handling and combat effectiveness.


5 of the best combat rifles02 5 Of The Best Combat Rifles



3 Sturmgewehr 44 – Germany

In response to the Russian automatic weapons during The WWII, the Germans came up with the revolutionary Sturmgewehr 44. Its shorter 7.92 mm rounds allowed for enough automatic fire but it couldn’t play any significant role in the war due to its late introduction.


5 of the best combat rifles03 5 Of The Best Combat Rifles



4 Steyr AUG – Austria

This assault rifle is made in 5.56×45 caliber with firepower of 650 rounds per minute. With a “bull-pup” configuration, the Steyr AUG was light and easy-to-handle weapon. It also features an interchangeable barrel system, a transparent magazine, and optional left or right shell ejection capability.


5 of the best combat rifles04 5 Of The Best Combat Rifles



…It’s been a harsh struggle for  place #5 – my two favorite veterans split the 5th place…


5  1903 Springfield – USA & Mauser K98k Carbine – Germany

Produced from the German 7mm Mauser, the 1903 Springfield boasted phenomenal accuracy with its 7.62×63 caliber. The rifle continued in service through World War II and Korea and was also used as a sniper rifle in Vietnam.


5 of the best combat rifles05 5 Of The Best Combat Rifles



A perfect combination of a number of innovations, the MauserK98k Carbine is still one legendary rifle of the modern age. It had smokeless powder, clips that could be fed into magazines and most of all, its superb bolt action.

5 of the best combat rifles06 5 Of The Best Combat Rifles




16/12/2011 - Posted by | DIVERTSMENT

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  1. In loc de Spriengfield-ul american, care este de fapt o copie dupa Mauser-ul german, pentru care americanii au platit daune Germaniei, ar fi mers mai bine in top, pusca englezeasca cu inchizator culisant Lee-Enfield.


    Comentariu de Pop Luminita Mirela | 17/12/2011 | Răspunde

    • AQcum se stie si ca faimosul Kalasnikov este furat tot de la nemti, numai ca rusii,dupa obicei nu recunosc nimic si nu platesc nimic…Sunt „antifascisti”,nu-i asa?


      Comentariu de cersipamantromanesc | 17/12/2011 | Răspunde

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