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Travel to the past with a collection of old black-and-white photos taken by famous Soviet photographers.

Arkhady Shaykhet was successful in photography. He was very popular among the editorial staffs of most prestigious editions which always wanted him to work with them.

Girls athletes, 1924

Peasant petitioners in a reception room, 1924

Elections to the village council, 1925

Teaching shoemaking to the homeless, 1926

A. Shaykhet with his camera, 1928

A picture by the master on a Soviet magazine cover, 1929

In search of  living in Moscow, 1930

Plowed field, 1927

A. Shaykhet with exhibition visitors, 1930

“Soviet photo” magazine cover.

New Moscow houses, 1928

First day nursery in a kolkhoz, 1931

The photographer with his son, 1930

Peasants listening to a radio-plate, 1925

Stalingrad, 1942

Citizens executed by shooting, 1943

A soldier has found his escaped sisters, 1943

Monument to those killed by Nazi, 1943

A. Shaykhet in Kharkov, 1943

Citizens returning home, 1945

Dnepr crossing, 1943

Near Konigsberg, 1945

The photographer with American reporters, 1945

Moscow welcomes the victors, 1945

Future steel makers, 1950

Virgin lands. Pupils help the kolkhoz, 1955

The next collection of photos is taken by famous Soviet photographer Michail Nikitin and is called “Past and present of Zelenogorsk and Terioki.”

Nikitin’s photo studio.

via photo_history and koroleni

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