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Hatice Kocaman,cea mai marunta femeie din lume. Meet Hatice Kocaman – the world’s smallest woman

Hatice Kocaman, 21, is the smallest woman in the world (Pictures: Barcroft) 

Hatice Kocaman, 21, is the smallest woman in the world (Pictures: Barcroft)

Hatice Kocaman are doar 71 cm inaltime si a intrat in Cartea Recordurilor ca fiind cea mai scunda femeie din lume.

Hatice Kocaman, are 21 de ani si sufera de nanism hipofizar, sau piticism, iar in acest an a obtinut oficial titlul de „cea mai scunda femeie din lume”. Tanara cantareste doar 6.8 kg si locuieste in Kadirli, Turcia.

Ea a sperat mereu ca va ajunge cunoscuta si recunoaste ca in copilarie colegii de scoala o tachinau mereu din cauza inaltimii de doar 71 cm. Acum ca a devenit celebra, Hatice se simte mai inalta decat cei care au ras candva de ea.

Meet Hatice Kocaman – the world’s smallest woman

The last laugh is on those who used to tease Hatice Kocaman about her height – the 71cm (28in) woman who shot to fame as the world’s shortest woman.

The 21-year-old, who has a kind of dwarfism, has spoken of her joy at winning the title earlier this year.

‘I always hoped that one day the world would recognise me,’ said Miss Kocaman, who weighs just 6.8kg (15lb) and lives in Kadirli in a rem­ote area of Turkey.

‘It was hard when I was a child because all my classmates used to tease me for being small.

‘But now I am famous bec­ause of my size. So it makes me feel like I am much taller,’ she said.

The world has certainly become her oyster but she hopes there are plenty of fish in the sea too. ‘God made me the way I am and I am proud of that. I hope I can find someone who will love me one day,’ she added.

Hatice is just 28 inches tall and weighs only 15lbs

Hatice is just 28 inches tall and weighs only 15lbs

Miss Kocaman is the second shortest person in world behind Nepalese man Khagendra Thapa Magar, who is 67cm (26.3in) and weighs 6.5kg (12lb).

It has been a long journey for a woman who didn’t have her dwarfism diag­nosed until a few years ago.

She lives with her parents, Ibrahim and Hatun, who said she was born naturally and seemed to develop normally until she was a year old.

‘Then we noticed she seemed to be growing more slowly than other bab­ies,’ said Hatun. She continued to develop and learned to walk and talk but hardly grew at all.

‘We asked the doctors to help but they couldn’t tell us what the problem was,’ said her mother. The family did not have a car and could not afford to travel to seek help. They were eventually told her condition may be due to a bone disorder caused by faulty genes carried by both parents.

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